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  • 2018 Season Is Here

    12 January, 2018

    We are at the end of the first week and we are excited about this year's game! For those that missed Kick-Off, this is where you will find the Game Reveal video. Here you will find all of the game information and resources for this year's challenge.

    Our Mechanical Engineers and our Multi-Disciplined Engineers are working together to make the team's concept a potential reality. They have already completed the drive train design and we have sent those files to our wonderful sponsor, Elegant Iron, for fabrication. Our Fabrication Technicians are hard at work building the mock game pieces in preparation for the robot to be completed and ready for testing.

    Our Software Engineers are working hard to be ready to deploy functional code to the robot, while our Electrical Engineers are working up a prototype board for the SEs to deploy to for validation. Our Business team is hard at work preparing this year's Business Plan and Chairman's Essay, as well as finalizing the other awards. Working with them is Media, getting images, videos, and custom formatting together.

    As you can see, everyone is busy now. As we go into Week 2, we will be completing the design of the robot, while anxiously awaiting the fabricated drive train parts. Once we have the parts our Fab Techs will begin assembling the drive trains. As always, parts on order, and more parts will be ordered as the pieces are finalized and approved by the team leadership.

    16 December, 2017

    There are several things happening today. We are at our last official meeting of the calendar year. Today we are wrapping gifts for families in the "Adopt-a-Family" program. The team has adoped two familiies and come together to make sure that these families will get to have a nice Christmas. We will have a small meeting next Wednesday at 4pm to present the gifts to the coordinators involved. An email has been sent out notifying the team and families of the team inviting them to participate.

    We have reservations for the hotels we will be staying in for both of our regionals, AZ North and the inaugural El Paso Regional. Those are included in an email to the team members' families, also.

    10 December, 2017

    Here we are in December already. Wow how this year has flown! We are already to our second Parent Info Night coming up Thursday, December 14th at VAHS in the MPR starting at 6pm. Kick-off is coming quickly, Jan 6th!! If you intend to attend, give us a shout!

    We will be attending the AZ North Regional this year with 58 other teams (wow, what a crowd!) and the El Paso Regional Inaugural event with 34 other teams. We are very excited for both!

    1 October, 2017

    We have a couple of announcements to make. The first is that our first attempt to hold a yardsale seems to be a bust. As of today we have had no responses to reserve spaces for the yardsale, so we will be canceling this event. We will try again inthe future, but for now we are letting it go.

    The second is that we have been confirmed for our first regional. We will be attending the AZ North Regional in Flagstaff, AZ. Information for this regional can be found on Blue Alliance and on FIRST's site.

    The team has voted to apply for the El Paso Regional for our second regional. As of this entry, only seven teams have signed up for this regional, so we will be researching what happens in the case of a canceled regional prior to applying. This is the first year of the El Paso Regional.

    25 September, 2017

    Our 2018 Handbook is finally complete and now released. The Student and the Parent Handbook contract forms are there, and we will have printed ones available for our Wednesday meeting this week.

    23 September, 2017

    We are announcing our first annual Boxerbot Yard Sale. It will be held Oct 7th in the Old vail Middle School parking lot, from 6am to 11am. Spots will be $10 each for the day. You may also donate items to be sold by the team for team funding. The entire $10 goes to the team for funding, along with any proceeds from items sold by the team. Individuals who rent their own sapace keep their own proceeds. At the end of the event, we will have a box truck that will take any unwanted leftover items to be donated to Good Will.

    13 September, 2017

    We made it through our first Parent Info Night. It was a little painful due to technical difficulties, but we got there. There wasn't a very healthy showing of parents, but I imagine that was related to the lack of communication from the team on that topic. The slides are now posted on the 'Parent Info' page here. We will hold another one, and we will communicate better about it. I do apologize for that. We also were able to update several email addresses for parents who weren't on our list. We should be sending out emails at least twice a week, so if you aren't getting them, please contact us so we can look into it. Thank you.

    For team participation fees, they may be paid by check, money order, cash, or tax credit donation. Please make checks payable to Vail Academy and High School.

    6 September, 2017

    We are in the preseason and there is a great deal of hands-on learning happening. Software is picking up a lot of new information with our switch to C++. Materials are flying as team members are learning to use the various machines and power tools in the build room. Mechanicals are working designs. Business is hard at work figuring out where to apply for grants and starting our business plan again for the upcoming year.

    The first of out two Parent Info Nights is coming up on September 12th. It will be held at VAHS on

    29 July, 2017

    We are moving into the next season. We made an appearance at open houses for Cienega High School and Vail Academy and High School. We will be there for the open houseses at Empire High School and Andrada Polytechnic High School.
    Our first official meeting for the 2017-2018 season will be on Wednesday August 9th, 2017 from 4 to 6pm. Our second meeting will be held on Saturday August 12th from 8am to noon. For now our meetings will be held in VAHS's Multi-Purpose Room.

    7 June, 2017

    We are moving along with the redesign and rebuild. The programming team is learning C++ currently. Being summer we are getting minimal attendance, but that's okay when it comes to focusing on teaching. Dates for AZ State have been announced (Oct 20-21, 2017). Location and invitees are still TBD. Anxieties are high, so being impatient as we are some of our members are caclulating as well as we can to see if we can figure out who's invited and once it's officially announced, to see how close we are.

    John Pyeatt
    Team 1828 Mentor

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