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  • 2017 Season Is Here

    29 July, 2017

    We are moving into the next season. We made an appearance at open houses for Cienega High School and Vail Academy and High School. We will be there for the open houseses at Empire High School and Andrada Polytechnic High School.
    Our first official meeting for the 2017-2018 season will be on Wednesday August 9th, 2017 from 4 to 6pm. Our second meeting will be held on Saturday August 12th from 8am to noon. For now our meetings will be held in VAHS's Multi-Purpose Room.

    7 June, 2017

    We are moving along with the redesign and rebuild. The programming team is learning C++ currently. Being summer we are getting minimal attendance, but that's okay when it comes to focusing on teaching. Dates for AZ State have been announced (Oct 20-21, 2017). Location and invitees are still TBD. Anxieties are high, so being impatient as we are some of our members are caclulating as well as we can to see if we can figure out who's invited and once it's officially announced, to see how close we are.

    John Pyeatt
    Team 1828 Mentor

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  • VAHS and FIRST

    The BoxerBots are a team comprised of students from all of the high schools in the Vail School District, hosted by the Vail Academy and High School and sponsored by CATERPILLAR, Inc. We take students from grades 8 through 12, in accordance with the FIRST guidelines.

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