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  • 2019 Season Is Here

    11 February, 2019

    Hello BoxerBots!

    I can't believe we are almost done with build season. This past week build has been busy adding the gantry and shooter mechanisms to the robot. Unfortunately we had to take them off again on Saturday to cut out lightning holes but they are back on. We are stilling waiting to mount our ground pickup until it is welded completely. We have been able to test the gantry seem to work as designed.

    Programming has been working on a simulation for the field and the robot for driver practice. They have also been working on vision tracking and have started to debug. Electronics has been working on wiring motors and sensors. Business has submitted both the Woodie Flowers and the Chairman's award. Design has made any on the fly fixes and is working on other projects like a battery cart and modeling our past robots.

    We are in the home stretch. While we are behind where we need to be, I am hopeful we'll finish on time and that our drivers will get at least some practice with the robot. Thank you to all the families who have been so supportive and helpful this build season.

    Kara Burkholder

    4 February, 2019

    Hello BoxerBots!

    I can't believe that we are already in week 5, it seems to have gone by so quickly. Design continued working on scouting, drawings, and answering questions for build. Build has been working incredibly hard on finishing parts and getting assemblies mounted to the robot. So far we have the shooter mounted and will have the gantry mounted by the end of today. We sent some pieces out to be welded and once those get back we will mount those to the robot also.

    Electronics worked on the final electronics board and started wiring motors as build has been putting them on the robot. Programming made incredible progress this week and has theoretically finished all the autonomous and operator code. They are going to start testing and debug this week. Business has been submitting the Chairman's award and is working on the Woodie Flowers award.

    I have been so impressed with the progress we have made this build season and I'm so excited for our robot to be finished. All of our students have been so helpful in working to get the robot done and I'm so thankful for all the work they have put in! I would also like to thank all the parents for making it possible for students to be here and for bringing in lunches and dinners.

    Kara Burkholder

    26 January, 2019

    Hello BoxerBots!

    I can't believe we are halfway through build season already! Design made some fixes to the robot and has finished the robot render. Build has started assembly on several different mechanisms, including the gantry, hatch cover pick up, and shooter. Electronics has been wiring up motors and sensors as build starts to put them on the robot. Programming is almost finished with driver code and is starting on autonomous.

    They have also made a lot of progress with vision capabilities and the raspberry pi. Business finished and submitted the business plan and has begun working on the Chairman's and Woodie Flowers award. Unfortunately we have gotten off schedule as we are waiting on parts and trying to learn new electronics. However, I think we will have a completed robot before the end of build season and our driver team will have time to practice with the robot.

    Thank you all so much for the continued dedication and support, especially to the parents who have brought in meals! You are greatly appreciated by everyone on the team!!!

    Kara Burkholder

    21 January, 2019

    Week 2 Update:
    Hello BoxerBots!

    As we go into our third week I just wanted to recap everything we have been working on so far. Design has finished the robot CAD and is just working on some fixes and creating drawings of parts to give to build. Build has been working extremely hard on fabricating parts and is almost finished with the gantry assembly. This upcoming week they should be starting to assemble parts and put them on the robot!

    Electronics has started to wire up the drive train and as more sensors and motors get put on they will be working with those. Programming is working with encoders and has made some great breakthroughs with the Raspberry Pi and vision capabilities. Business submitted the Business Plan and has started to work on the Woodie Flowers award and Chairman's. So far almost everyone is on track and we're happy with the progress that all the subteams have made!

    Thank you!
    Kara Burkholder

    14 January, 2019

    Week 1 Update:
    Hello BoxerBots!

    Since kickoff we have all been very busy! Design has been working very hard on coming up with a robot to compete this year. Currently most of the mechanisms are done in CAD and they have started to complete drawings. Build has been working on making the game pieces that our robot will use once it is finished. The drive train is complete and we will start building on it on Monday. Electronics has been creating a mock electronics board and is working on how the real electronics board will look. Programming has finished the drive code and is practicing with previous years robots. Business has been working on the business plan and the Chairman's award.

    A HUGE thank you to those families who have brought in meals so far. We are extremely appreciative! And thank you to all of our students and mentors for their time, hard work, and dedication!

    Kara Burkholder

    10 January, 2019

    It is near the end of the first week and we are coming along pretty well. We are about to mount the proto elex board on the drive train. Programming will pick that up tomorrow and get it functional for testing driving and handling on this layout.

    Most of the main designs are done, now just detailing what we have remains. We opted to only build a mock of the bottom 40 inches of the rocket for practice. We can mount it higher temporarily to mimic the upper targets of the rocket.

    8 January, 2019

    Build season is upon us! This looks like a great game! The team is already amped up and ready to be done with the bot. Design is still working out some issues. The drive train is almost complete. Programming has the new software installed and is working the drive code. Unfortunately, cannibalization of last year's robots is happening. We haven't determined if this is temporary, but most likely not.

    It's the sacrifice that must be made from time to time, especially as we battle some low tech challenges. Most of our battles now are administrative, which is great compared to where we usually are. Our team was of course at the Kit of Parts pickup, as well as hosting our own team event. We watched the game reveal and there was a great amount of excitement from the start.

    1 December, 2018

    Welcome to December, everyone! We have just finished another demo here at VAHS, and will be at the Vail Innovation Center on Monday, December 3rd for their Computer Science Night. Come out and see us. Hopefully we'll have Rocky fixed up by then. We've been running into some issues with him lately during demos, and this most recent one is no different. Although we may have to completely replace a sprocket on his drive train.

    We are quickly approaching Kick-Off! That time of year when we find out what our missions for this season is. We are all excited and anxious about it. Come join us on January 5th at the VAHS MPR and support the students. We open by 7:45am, and will have coffee and some snacks. Videos should start rolling by 8am. The game reveal video will be played most likely at 9am. I will update this as soon as I have confirmed.

    I want to thank all who participated in the Chili's Give Back event. While we are still waiting for our final results, we are thankful for every bit we get. We also want to thank those who participated in our FunPasta fundraising. We are expecting to get back about $400. Every little bit helps, and I think this was a little more fun than the typical chocolate or popcorn fundraisers. We expect to do this again.

    5 November, 2018

    Come join us at Chili's on Broadway on Wedensday, Nov 7th from 11 am to 10:30pm. You will need a copy of the flyer in either physical or digital form. You can find it HERE.

    We are officially registered for the Utah Regional as our second regional. This will be held in West Valley City (a suburb of Salt Lake City) at the Maverick Center. We have not booked hotel rooms for either event we are registered for as we have to work within district guidelines to obtain permission from the Board prior to being able to put a card on file with the hotel, thereby making the reservations official and binding.

    Right now we are on hold with the La Quinta in Flagstaff. We have not even made it that far with the Utah arrangements, yet.

    30 September, 2018

    We have officially registered for the AZ North Regional in Flagstaff, AZ. This will run from March 13 th through 16th at the Walkup Skydome on the Northern Arizona University Campus. We are, as always, excited about this event as it provides a cooler atmosphere that is more hospitable to our robotics way of doing things, including being able to cook our lunches on site.

    We are working towards hotel reservations and those on the email list will receive the information as sono as we have it.

    8 September, 2018

    We just finished our first Parent Info meeting. I always hope more parents will show up. I will be posting the slides shortly to this site, as well as emailing them out to parents, along with forms and links. We had t-shirts there, which will be back for next Saturday (9/15), for sale.

    We also had a display of the new shirts available, a polo and two glittery shirts. These are for sale, but you must order specifically. We have order forms available in the build room for those.

    We will hold another Parent Info meeting in November that will be geared towards this specific build and competition season. That info meeting will go over travel expectations, destinations, and schedules.

    25 August, 2018

    We are rolling into the pre-season. Students are already working on their certifications for their subteams. There is still room on some of the subteams like business/media, design, and build. We are gearing up for the first Parent Info Meeting on September 8th to be held here at VAHS in the MPR.

    23 June, 2018

    We are gearing up for our next season. Our first meeting will be held 8 August, 2018. We will meet at Vail Academy and High School. Currently we are to be in the MPR, from 4pm to 6pm. Kara Burkholder is the new Team Captain and Jacob Bessette is the new team Vice-Captain.

    The first meeting will consist primarily of introductions, sub-team orientations, and paperwork. We will get contact information and send home permission forms. Email is still our primary source of communication, so it is imperative that we have not only students' email addresses, but parents as well.

    I look forward to seeing you there.
    John Pyeatt
    Team Coach & District Sponsor

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