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FIRST Resources

The main resource library can be found here

Team Resources


Encoder mounting
FRC PID Tutorial
Ultrasonic Sensors


Milling machine speeds (quick chart)
Milling Formulas available at DAPRA Corporation's site. Aluminum Guide
Tap Drill Reference Chart

Common Resources

Resources commonly used by the team are provided by FIRST sponsors. They are software packages like SolidWorks and Autodesk for design and Eclipse for programming.

Materials and hardware come from various suppliers, like AndyMark, VEX Robotics, ACE Hardware, Grainger, McMaster-Carr, Industrial Metal Supply, and Home Depot.

Electronics are supplied by a multitude of sources. Some are supplied in the "Kit of Parts" (K.O.P) provided at the beginning of the season. Our usual sources are AndyMark, VEX Robotics, Digi-Key, and even Amazon.
The latest brain for the robot is a National Instruments RoboRIO. Based on their popular cRIO design, which used to be used by FIRST, the RoboRIO is a much more compact design, and custom-designed for FIRST. It is only available to FIRST teams, but they also make something called the myRIO if you wanted to try your hand at using one.