Vail BoxerBots
Team 1828

Job Descriptions

  • Business Management

    Multiple levels and positions to perform the functions of business management, from updating the business plan to helping write award submissions.
  • 3D Animation

    We need animators to submit a video for an award submission to FIRST.
  • Video and Photography

    These will be positions responsible for chronicling the events visually of the BoxerBots throughout the pre-season and the season.
  • CAD Design

    Will work closely with the build team to produce a 3D drawing of the robot design to build to, and to use for rendering posters and such.
  • Journalism

    Will be responsible for chronicling the pre-season and season of the BoxerBots for submission to newspapers, blogging, posting on our site and on Facebook.
  • Web Design/Administration/Scripting

    Will be responsible for maintaining the site and posting submissions in a reasonable timeframe. Responsible for working closely with all portions of the team to keep their areas up to date with written articles, photos, calendar events, site expansion, etc. This team will also make recommendations/submissions to revamp the site with newer technology as it arises.
  • Application Programming

    We need someone to be able to write an app for android phones/tablets to communicate with a pit and stand-scouting program so real-time information flows to the decision-makers.
  • Advertising/Marketing

    These members will be responsible for expanding community awareness of our team in all ways possible. This includes, but is not limited to, contacting local media such as news or radio, contacting local vendors for demonstrations outside of their establishments, establishing footholds in local media distribution such as community papers, web forums, etc.
  • Electrical Design/Fabrication

    This group is responsible for working with the Captain and all teams and determining best layout and placement for electrical components like batteries, sensors, cRIO, etc. Members of this team will be trained in troubleshooting electrical circuits, and use of hand tools and power tools associated with the tasks of assembly and troubleshooting.
  • Mechanical Design/Fabrication

    This group is responsible for working with the Captain and all teams and determining the best mechanical layout, drive train of choice, special units such as arms, grippers, kickers, lifts, etc. We are growing into precision crafting. Members of this team will be trained with hand tools, power tools, milling machine, etc.
  • Embedded Software

    This group is responsible for the coding to drive the robot and for developing the autonomous code. This group currently primarily works with National Instruments LabView. C++and Java are also optional languages. We currently do not have any experienced mentors to teach these languages, though.