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About Team 1828

History of Team 1828

The team was organized in fall of 2005 as the VHS Science, Engineering, and Robotics Club. A NASA grant helped us pay for our registration for the Phoenix Regional event. The goals of the club and team 1828 were to:

  • increase student awareness of what scientists and engineers do.
  • prepare and acquaint students for careers in science, technology and engineering.
  • develop problem solving skills in all students.
  • introduce students to the safe and proper use of hand and power tools.
  • provide an out-of-classroom education and experience that can not be obtained during regular school hours.
  • involve parents, business, and community members in a fun and educational experience.
  • increase community awareness and student interest in our school.

In our first year our team was composed of almost all freshmen. Twelve boys and two girls were fairly committed to the building phase. We built a robot that worked, but did not score well at competition. However we did learn a lot about how to do things and were excited about the next year.

Since our first year, the team has fluctuated between 12 and 20 students, and 3 and 5 adult mentors. Our sponsors have included Freeport McMorran Mining, the Caccioppo Foundation, NASA, the UA Tech Park, and numerous tax credit donations from parents and relatives. In 2010 we were approached by Caterpillar, Inc., to become our sole sponsor for the Arizona Regional competition. We have enjoyed our relationship with Caterpillar who continues to underwrite our robot construction costs and registration fees.

In 2011-2012 the team sponsored two Lego Robotics teams at our school by using our money to pay for their Lego kits and registration fees. Several team members helped the elementary students learn how to design, build, and program the Mindstorm computer. Our team this year has 12 boys and 2 girls, and 3 parents that mentor along with several engineers from Caterpillar and Raytheon. In addition, two former team members who are now in college are part-time mentors. Our faculty advisor has been Don Adams, a science teacher at Vail Academy and High School, since the team began.